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There are a number of survey reports available in the market but only some of these are RICS approved formats.  The Building Survey is suitable for both commercial and residential property whilst the Homebuyer Report and Valuation and Home Condition Survey are designed specifically for residential property. 

Underwood Wright also offer a Home Survey Report which is an ISVA approved product (ISV Guide)

Additional survey reports can be provided to deal with specific issues or provide an overall appraisal of the major elements and their condition.  

Different properties together with your specific requirements will determine which report is most appropriate for your purposes.  It is important that you chose the correct report and our surveyors will advise upon the suitability of each.  If you obtain competitive quotations ensure that you are comparing like with like.

All our surveyors are local to the areas that they cover and they undertake most or all of the survey types that the company offers (see My Survey Choice). 

My Survey Choice

The Building Survey Report (RICS)

This is a detailed survey report normally used prior to the acquisition of both residential and commercial property whether it is freehold or leasehold.  It is normally used for commercial property acquisitions or residential where it has the following particular features:-

  • The property is an older period property
  • It is in poor condition and in need of extensive repair and improvement or has been previously extensively altered in the past
  • There are specific plans to extensively alter and extend the property

The survey will involve a visual examination of the elements of the building where accessible with a discussion on each.  

The survey includes:-

  • Information upon the construction and the material used for all the elements
  • Comment upon all visible major and minor faults and their implications
  • Comments upon the presence of dampness and timber defects
  • Comments upon service connections and installation without undertaking tests

The Building Survey does not automatically include a valuation but the surveyor may be able to include this if the type of property is within the surveyor’s area of expertise. 

The Homebuyer Survey & Valuation (HSV) Report (RICS)

The HSV has been designed by the RICS and is suitable for the majority of residential properties. The HSV will:-

  • Identify the urgent and significant issues affecting the property and relate this to valuation
  • Discuss general condition and identify aspects of future concern
  • Provide recommendations, where appropriate, for obtaining further specialist advice
  • Provide a re-instatement value

The report is designed for use on reasonably standard properties that are in fair to good order.

If the property is large, complicated, significantly altered or in very poor condition it may require coverage provided by a Building Survey. However, our surveyors will advise accordingly

RICS Home Condition Report

The Home Condition Report (HCR) is similar to that of the HSV in that it aims to advise on the construction and condition of the property inspected. It identifies any defects that are serious or require urgent attention or require further investigation.

The main difference is that the HCR will not:-

  • Provide a valuation
  • Provide a re-instatement valuation
  • Does not provide general advice on future potential issues

Consequently the report can be more economical particularly if you are only interested in condition at the point of inspection.

ISVA Home Survey Report (HSR)

The Home Survey Report is designed by the ISVA. It provides a similar level of report to that provided by the RICS Home Buyer Survey and valuation.

It follows a slightly different format and layout but it can be adapted with or without a valuation and re-instatement valuation advice.

The report is designed for reasonably standard properties ( similar to the HSV)

Limited Inspection

This is a report tailored to suit your requirements. It can take the form of advice on cause, remedial action, further investigation required relating to defects and repair or could be to provide a guide to maintenance planning. In addition it could provide initial advice upon defects relating to workmanship, lack of repair or even legal issues and how they may affect the building.

Common occurrences include advice upon damp, condensation, cracking, boundaries and drainage. Generally, our surveyors will be able to advise whether it is a matter that we can help you with or alternatively guide you towards a specialist that can assist.