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Expert Witness Reports/Dispute Resolution

As a well established local practice we are recognised by many local businesses, including the legal community, as offering Expert Witness advice.  Members of our Company are familiar with the procedures now expected of Experts in the Court.  We have experience of acting as an appointed Expert for one side or as a single joint Expert.  In all cases, the overriding duty is to the Court and to ensure that we remain impartial and provide clear and definite views.

Our particular areas of expertise relate to advice on valuation (residential and commercial), small building works, landlord and tenant including dilapidation matters, implications of a legal or planning nature, boundary disputes etc.  

We can provide preliminary reports that may be used to assess possible legal action or to be used to negotiate with the other party but with an objective to provide informative advice that will help reach the best and most balanced decision for a way forward.