Services / Dilapidations & Schedules of Condition

Dilapidations & Schedules of Condition

Underwood Wright’s team of surveyors has the required range of skills and experience, whether acting for landlords or tenants, to undertake the following:

  • Preparation of schedules of dilapidations
  • Interpreting lease clauses
  • Estimating costs of work
  • Tendering works
  • Negotiating Scott schedules
  • Preparing Sec 18 valuations (diminution valuations)
  • Works supervision
  • Expert Witness

At the end of a Lease the Landlord is usually entitled to receive back his building in good repair ready to be re-let. We can advise on the extent of repair needed and can negotiate the deal on your behalf.

The Tenant’s liability can be limited by the terms of the Lease, the Landlord’s intentions and by statute.

Schedules of Condition recording the state of premises at the outset of leases can be important to protect the interests of both parties. Schedules of Condition appended to leases are’ intended to limit liability of the tenant under any future claim for dilapidations’.

 Photographic and/or description schedule can be provided and negotiated if necessary.

In new leases our advice is to ensure that the repairing covenants are clearly understood and fair to our clients.